When it comes to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) pellets, the Biote Method of pellet therapy is the preferred choice among more than 6,400+ physicians. When a patient decides to start the Biote Method of pellet therapy, they may receive as few as two subcutaneous pellet insertions per year—and any needed hormone will be readily available when the body requires it. The BHRT pellets that Biote Certified Providers use are identical to the hormones in the human body.

Feel Happier and Healthier With Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

Experience optimal health and appearance with the revolutionary Biote Method. Our subcutaneous pellet approach to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has been proven to provide relief from symptoms in just a few hours, or up to four weeks. However, complete hormone optimization may take up to six months. Extensive research has demonstrated the effectiveness of pellet therapy in helping thousands of individuals achieve hormonal balance and feel their best.

The Biote Method utilizes bioidentical hormone pellets containing either testosterone or estrogen, which are placed under the skin for continuous release of hormones. These pellets dissolve and are absorbed into the body, personalized according to individual needs based on thorough lab work by Balanced Health & Wellness.

In addition to its natural role as a hormone, testosterone is also used as medication for hypogonadism in men and breast cancer in women. As men age, their testosterone levels decrease, making it beneficial for older men who experience this deficiency.

How is it placed?

During a patient’s in-office visit, they are taken to the exam room where the insertion site is numbed. This site is typically located around the upper buttocks area.

A small incision is then made and a hormone pellet is inserted. The area is then covered with a bandage. The pellet dissolves and its contents are absorbed by the body, leaving no residue behind.

As every patient experiences unique symptoms, their treatment plan is tailored to meet their specific needs. While some patients may notice improvements as early as four weeks after insertion, it can take up to six months for full optimization. Many patients have reported feeling significant benefits after their second insertion procedure.

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